The reason for this webpage

Over two years ago, after an ankle sprain, my rehab physio sold me some orthotics because apparently I had a flat foot which increses one’s vulnerability towards sprains.

So after the ankle healed, I finally found time to go to a foot specialist for a second opinion and treatment. He said that orthotics are not a good idea and, instead, took me through nearly over six months of sessions in an attempt to teach me the right way to walk and to release the connective tissues in my heel.

In the meanwhile my heel (which had not been painful to begin with) started hurting quite bad! Would get bad in the morning, a little better during the day and very sore after rest following any exertion.

The physio said that this pain would go away as I learnt to walk properly. Months went by, and the pain remained as bad as ever. I was now finding it difficult to go for walks, and my regular games of tennis on Saturday and Sunday were now restricted to just once per weekend, since the heel would freeze up in pain after any vigorous use of the foot. I went to my doctor who was no help and said this would go away on its own.

Nothing worked, so after more than a year of suffering sever pain, I decided I needed to do some research on my own. I bought all kinds of stuff to shove in below the heel, hoping it would help, but nothing worked. I asked another doctor (a personal friend) who said this heel pain thing is very common and there is no known cure. Not very helpful!

Anyway, I finally chanced upon a video by a doctor on the internet which I bought and studied carefully. And lo and behold, that IS the solution. And it works. I’ve done this solution (below) for 2 months now and my heel is almost entirely free of pain. I’m therefore posting this guide for the public with the hope that is someone in as bad pain as I was lands up on this website, they would be benefited. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to be without heel pain!